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Club members conduct regular working bee's to service and install duck boxes.


David Young
Conservation & Hunting Officer
Bairnsdale Field and Game

Mob. 0427 357 229  



Nesting Box Maintenance Working Bee  

Last year nesting box maintenance was confined to the Macleods Morass with a mapping project numbering, GPS location each box and compiling a spread sheet to collect data on their use over several years of the breeding seasons.

If you are interested in assisting with a working bee contact David Young on the number below.

Need to bring; waders, duck punt, canoe, insect repellent, hat, water and suitable clothing depending on the weather.
Snack food and drink.

David Young
Conservation & Hunting Officer
Bairnsdale Field and Game

Mob. 0427 357 229 

 Morass Burning .

At the invitation of Parks Victoria, members of Bairnsdale Field and Game observed Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning utilise a contract helicopter supported by ground fire crews as they attempted a planned burn in Macleod Morass State Game Reserve.

BFGA members have been concerned about the spread of cumbungi in the reserve for many years. The club has been a long time advocate for the morass, and the overall health of the RAMSAR listed wetland.

Cumbungi is a highly invasive pest species, it's tall rushes and flower stems now so thick in much of the morass that it is choking out native wetland plants.

Work by members of the committee,Norm Elliot and David Young, assisted in approval being gained for Parks Victoria and DELWP to attempt a 16hectare trial ecological burn. This follows a project that the club contributed $5000 to several years ago, in which a vessel was hired with operator to utilise under water cutting blades to sever the rushes approximately 150mm below the surface of the water, which impedes the plans ability to regerminate.

Members of the club and other interested locals gathered in Bosworth Road as the helicopter dropped accelerant to ignite the Cumbungi,

however the expectations for the success of the burning program were somewhat higher than the success on the day.

BFGA will continue to liase with Parks Victoria to explore alternatives that may provide some control over the pest species.

Tree Planting

A working bee at Jones Bay State Game Reserve, saw members plans redeem and melaleuca trees on the eastern boundary of the reserve in order to re-establish habitat species. 

Undertaken with assistance of Parks Victoria and Greening Australia the project will continue in the near future and will enhance work already undertaken by Greening Australia on the western side of the reserve.

In addition to the planting, works on the car parking area at the entrance of the reserve are being started,

This work will provide a significant improvement to the art and enhance access for members and the general public.



More info on other conservation activities coming soon - or see David Young or Norm Elliot at a shoot...