Bairnsdale Field & Game Club Activities

Bairnsdale Field & Game offers members a variety of interests to pursue as part of their involvement with the club.

Clay Target Sports

BFGA runs generally runs 75 target events on the second Sunday of every month, with a few exceptions such as the Christmas Shoot (50 targets plus novelty events,) and the Riviera Classic weekend in February (150 targets over 2 days.)


Quite a number of BFGA members are active hunters. Bairnsdale is fortunate to have Macleods Morass on it's doorstep, the Heart Morass just up the road, and any number of other locations available in East Gippsland for duck hunting. Quite a few members are active in other hunting disciplines such as deer hunting, and many members participate in feral animal control either on their own or as part of the clubs conservation activities.


BFGA maintains nesting boxes in Macleods Morass, has contributed financially to Cumbungi management by DELWP in Macleods Morass, and BFGA members were instrumental in having the Morass declared a Ramsar Wetland of international significance.