Come and have a go!

The next club Come & Try Day will be held on 7th October 2017 from 10am till 3pm. First 10 targets free, equipment provided. Watch the website or click on the link below to 'Like' us on Facebook and keep an eye on our Facebook page..

A couple of times a year Bairnsdale Field & Game run 'Come & Try' days for people who haven't experienced the excitement of clay target shooting. These days are run by club members who are experienced coaches to teach basics of firearm safety and to help you hit your first target. On these days we have shotguns available for loan under close supervision, and for these days only participants need not have yet obtained a firearms license. 

Once you've had the chance to give it a try, you can then choose to attend a firearms safety course and obtain a license. The license permits you to obtain a 'permit to acquire' a firearm after a 28 day waiting period. 

There are plenty of opportunities to practice on club practice days, or you can come out and try friendly competition. There's no-one going to frown on a new person starting out, and field & game grading and handicap rules give the opportunity to compete against others of your own standard as you improve, or in handicap events give new shooters a chance to shine as the handicap system levels the playing field.