Juniors are welcome!

Bairnsdale Field & Game welcomes junior shooters, and understands that it can be expensive for families who all shoot to introduce children to the sport. 

There are two categories of Juniors in Field & Game Australia's competition sections. 12-14 year olds compete as Sub-Juniors, 15-17 year olds compete as Juniors. 

At Bairnsdale Field & Game Sub-Juniors entry fees (or "noms")on competition days, are covered by the club in order to make it more affordable for families to bring kids along and participate.  (some conditions apply to major events)

It's probably also worth mentioning that there is no issue with sharing guns in competition, though it helps to be in the same squad. If your child wants to join in, they should be encouraged. There are a lot of options for making it easier. There's a lot of variation in weight between different shotguns, and sometimes it's easier for sub-juniors to start with a 20 gauge instead of a 12 gauge. While many think this is due to recoil, it's generally that the 20 gauge is a lot lighter, which combined with lighter target load shells means the recoil is similar, but it's easier for them to support the weight of the shotgun when calling for the target.




L-R:Aislin Jones, Adam Beechey, Ben Burchell, 
Conner Crane & Brayden Baade (Nagle College)






Another great story on WIN News on Wednesday night, on the Sale Field & Game H&S Schools event.


It's great to see the level of support these events are getting. The schools should be commended for that support, and for the fantastic attitudes & behaviour of their students at these events.

Story from WIN News on the night of 17th June on the H&S Secondary School Simulated Field Event,...

East Gippsland Secondary School Championship - 11th May 2015

On 11th May 2015 we hosted the Riviera Secondary School Simulated Field Championship.

In some fairly awful conditions, high wind and rain at times, 110 secondary school students from across East Gippsland and Lilydale Secondary College (by invitation) shot 20 single barrel simulated field targets. Connor Crane from Nagle College, Bairnsdale won the overall high gun.

Categories were as follows:
Senior Boys: 1st Michael Garbett (Gippsland Grammar), 2nd William Bagnato (Nagle College)
Junior Boys: 1st Joeby Ritchie (Orbost SC), 2nd Aaron Barling (Gippsland Grammar) & Baiden Cowan (Lilydale SC) - declared equal after conclusion of event, as shoot off not conducted due to miscalculation.

Senior Girls: 1st Jorgeana Anderson (Gippsland Grammar), 2nd Rylee Barling (Gippsland Grammar)
Junior Girls: 1st Emily Marshall (Gippsland Grammar), 2nd Bonnie Rowland (Lilydale SC)

Teams trophy taken by Gippsland Grammar.

Both the demonstration for WIN TV using flash targets - a new experience for most of the students, and the shoot offs for places drew a large and enthusiastic crowd.

It was fantastic to see such a large group of teenagers display exemplary behaviour, manners and great sportsmanship. Running an event of this size is never easy, but the great participants and helpers made it much easier than it could have been.


This letter to the editor was from a founding member of the East Gippsland Sports Foundation, and member of the board of the Gippsland Sports Academy. They have taken an interest in shooting sports of late and are looking at what might be done to foster junior development in Gippsland. Tony is not a shooter and was staggered to see what we had to offer at our recent school shoot. So impressed he wrote to the paper...

Bairnsdale Field & Game's photo.